This year I will fully embrace the Artist that I am. I won’t fight it by trying to find ways to label it as a “success”. For it is not to be defined by the projects that I have done, or will do. Being an Artist is not the red carpet; it is not the gallery openings; it is not the opening nights, or any of that other “glamorous” stuff that we may think of. It is the Essence that breaths through me… to you… and you… and you. Art , not to be judged as good or bad, or criticized in a New York Times review, for that matter, is the stirring in the spirit. It is the molecules in the tears you cry when you are moved. It is the quiver in your belly that erupts into a laugh. It is the energy that causes your hairs to stand up when you have an “Aha Moment”. It is the pause that stops you in your tracks and opens your eyes to the grandness of life. Art, whether you are the vessel (Artist) or the witnesses, is magical. For it is the moment in which we come into contact with the true awesomeness of creation. It is the “energy force”, for lack of a better term, that a calls through you, from the Deep, to another person’s Deep. And at the intersection of Deep to Deep, something magical happens. We are connected to a portal where time doesn’t exist. Where the past is the present; the present is the present; and the future is the present. Our “differences”, prejudices, and misconceptions disappear leaving us in our purest, most loving form. Open to receive the gift of the present moment. Art: The Present and the present (pause)… the Gift of Oneness. Connection. And at the moment of timeless stillness, a voice calls out in a whisper and we are charged…changed, whether we want to be or not.


And it is that connection that I love to experience. To all of my fellow artists out there, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the moment when you’re working on a project, and you realize the project is actually working on you. And not only that, but It also chose you. It’s that moment when you present your Art and realize that your Art is magically presenting with and through you, to someone else. Perfection. And this perfection is not solely defined by remembering lines; flawlessly executing choreography; or the painting of a profound brush stroke; but it is perfect in the way that the sun rises and sets; in the way in which babies are born; in the way a cut heals; and yes, even, in the evolution of human consciousness. Perfect in Its imperfection. Way more than even I can articulate in this post.


What a blessed feeling and calling. So this year, 2015 and beyond, no matter the jobs I book, and even more importantly, the jobs that I don’t book, I will remind myself that I am artist and gratefully so. I will not wait for the “perfect” time to create “perfect” Art. Instead, I will just focus on being me…an Artist, and let Art take care of the rest. Happy New Year!!!


(This post was inspired by the artistry of Kanye West’s and Paul McCartney’s song “Only One”. Just beautiful!)