Frank The Bastard, a tale of buried secrets and hostile small-town conspiracies, will be released theatrically July 24 via Paladin, company president Mark Urman announced. Written and directed by Brad Coley and produced by Ged Dickersin, the film stars Rachel Miner, William Sadler, Shamika Cotton, Wendy Vanden Heuvel, Andy Comeau, Ellen Albertini Dow, and Chris Sarandon.

The story centers on Clair Defina (Miner), who returns from New York City to the childhood home she and her father fled after her mother’s death. Clair immediately encounters an undercurrent of secrecy and hostility, most of it linked to local bigwig Cyrus Gast (Sadler). As Clair comes face to face with a dark legacy, she also encounters enigmatic Frank Byron, (Comeau) Cyrus’ bastard son, who turns out to be her only ally.

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